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Bubbles October 25, 2011

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You are professing your love incessantly

Having hard time to believe it oh, really

Darn, it is so “too good to be true”

Wish you won’t vanish out of the blue


Hunny, you are just so full of Love

You’re the coolest thing I ever have

Oh my, you just swept me off my feet

Lovely emotion I’ve ever felt


This so called life you give new meaning

You made me an inspired human being

I cannot help it, I am falling hard

You made me grateful to this life I have


For always oh, dear please stay with me

I’ll be lost without your love Hunny

You made me see things in a lovely perspective

Bubbles you are all I ever wanted!



Life… Live with it! July 17, 2011

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this child within is crying

exhausted and fears pouring

wishing for a Loving Mother

whose warm embrace calmly soothes her


tired of playing this masquerade

borrowed strength now starting to fade

chasing the much elusive faith

inspiration you are too late


looking back, what  a life it was

ups and downs of colorful past

after all it was worth living

oh God thank you for the blessings


life’s a bit harsh and will never be fair

no one assures of easy ride oh dear!

endure and savor every moment

life’s all about this so live with it


2100hrs 01-Apr-2011 auh, uae


A Good Dozen of Excuse! January 12, 2011

1. Am not articulate but I can surely read between the lines

2. Am not maldita just expressive

3. Am not loud just vivacious

4. Am not hot-tempered just intense

5. Am not self-centered just know what I’m capable of

6. Am not insistent just know what I want

7. Am not stubborn just know where I stand

8. Am not vain just enhancing life’s gifts

9. Am not carefree just celebrating life

10. Am not flirt just irresistible

11. Am not a show-off just sharing good stuff

12. Am not selfish just loving myself so as to love others


This is what you call attitude, you have problem with that?!?


Nobody February 15, 2010

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You came for a reason

F*ck! In an off-season

Shouldn’t be now and not here

Must have been before oh dear


But fate brought you to me

For what? Don’t know really

We’ll just enjoy each other’s company

As there is still a lot for us to see


If your unwanted coming,

Is just to teach me something

I would be grateful for the lesson

It must be enough for a reason


Certainly you’ll leave a mark

In my life and in my heart

We will make and share memories

For life time it will be cherished


Be faithful, be good and be mine

No one else will be in your mind

Nobody, nobody but ME!


14 oct. 2009


Life’s Fools December 21, 2009

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Life’s full of surprises

No one knows what will come

You would want to wish to be numb


No one sees what is approaching

When you will be in melancholy

Or just enjoying life completely


Some avoids seeing the truth

By expecting the unexpected

To downplay the things we dread


Sometimes fate gives us little choices

Some are ugly and degrading

And some are just liberating


Yet after all the education and experiences

Us fools, still get surprised

By this enigmatic so called LIFE!


Y O U December 14, 2009

You went away as quick as you came

And my heart you did not at all tame

It is yearning, longing and wanting

Desires for insatiable feelings


The magical emotions you set me

Puts me in deep susceptibility

And this maybe my heart’s delight

Or sadness which I have to fight


You have patted them all but me

That left me so blue and lonely

I need a fire to kindle my heart

Not to be dampen, oh it’s not smart


I’ll be wishing for you again

Counting the days as my heart pains

But I’ll be patiently waiting

For that lovely feeling you bring


You mystical rain…..


Rolls of it! October 5, 2009

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Crying is becoming a good friend lately. Felt so sweet, relaxing and calming.  Always eases the confusion, relieve me from loneliness, accompanies me in solitude.

By experiencing it while in this unusual state of emotion I now realize how unfathomable the feelings can become. The complexity of life results to a mix of various emotions. Worries, fears, pains, feeling so blessed yet unaccomplished things depress me.

The present situation I am in is so inconvenient, this maybe explains everything. What is disappointing is I don’t have a choice but to endure it. As enduring it is the best option for now.

Sacrifices have to be made to save the more important factors of life. Chances are not attractive at all, too little choices and worst, all of it is ugly.

To savor the unwanted feeling and to get over a stupid emotion like this let the tears take it course, let it flow and run down through your cheeks. And just make sure you have a lot of 2-ply tissue paper or your nose fluids will compete with it and spoil your mellow drama moments… tsk tsk tsk

dawn of 17-sep-2009 cebu, phils.